Top Hard Floor Cleaning In North West London

Hard floors are durable and add value and good appearance to your home. However, due to their tenacity, they require regular cleaning. When time comes to clean all of the grime, this often proves to be a difficult and unpleasant task. From experience we can tell you, that regular hard floor maintenance will surely:

  • Protect you from injuries
  • Adorn your hard floor
  • Prolong your floor’s life
  • Eliminate germs & allergens
  • Provide sanitary environment

So, do you want to see your hardwood or stone floor gleaming again? Then pick up the phone and dial 020 3746 3269 or get a free online quote. We operate anywhere in Wembley HA0, Harrow HA2 and Watford WD17 areas. Either way, our call centre operators will quickly respond and schedule you a hard floor cleaning appointment as quickly as possible. No upfront payment required. The entire North West London region is covered.

Why Jack’s Experts in North West London?

Jack’s Experts is a professional cleaning agency in North West London, with many years of experience and more than 10,000 happy customers. Select us now and we will completely remove all dirt, soil and nasty spots and restore your floor’s gleaming appearance. All our services include:

  • Specialised gear for all types of hard floors
  • ”Prochem” detergents
  • Skilled and fully insured technicians
  • Flexible booking system
  • Affordable prices

Cleaning Approaches

hard floor cleaning servicesWe clean all types of hard floors: hardwood (parquet, laminate, engineered & natural wood floors), slate & stone, tiles. Below, we have further explained what hard floor cleaning methods we utilize when treating the different flooring types. Feel free to order anytime anywhere in Wembley HA0, Harrow HA2 and Watford WD17 regions.

Hardwoods: buffing (effective cleaning method, used to remove imperfections on the floor, evening it out and restoring its smooth and bright look. This technique uses а special machine called floor buffer, which have large, round scrubbing pad spinning in a circle in one direction at over 1000 RPM), sanding ( here we talk about the use of fine grades of sandpaper which ensure even stain penetration. Sanding is often used to remove visible scratches).

Slate, stone & tiles:  emulsification (it includes dissolving oils and fats in a cleaning solution, that breaks them down into small particles that later become suspended in the solution), jetwash ( high-pressure machines spraying hot water) and pressurized cleaning.
We also ensure ongoing protection with a chemical called impregnator – impregnators penetrate below the surface of the stone, deposit solid particles in the pores of the stone and coat the individual minerals below the surface.

Vinyl flooring: emulsification, heat, jet wash, low-pressure cleaning and effective capture of the waste or slurry.

Additional Cleaning Services

Wood floors scrubbing: Floor polish stripping is required when an existing floor polish has lost its bright appearance and has degraded through wear or due to poor maintenance.

Wood floors polishing: Polish applied by the correct method after cleaning can transform a previously dull looking floor into a beautiful floor with an even finish that both looks fantastic and offers a good level of protection.

Book Hard Floor Cleaning in North West London

Icky scratches, oil stains, dirt, bacteria we can tackle all that grime in no time! You can reach us at 020 3746 3269 or get a free quote online. Teams cleaning availability is highly flexible. Urgent/same day services. Fixed rates with no hidden charges and no deposits required. Feel the difference. All of Wembley HA0, Harrow HA2 and Watford WD17 areas are covered. Top hard floor cleaning North West London.